Land of The Peaceful Dragon: Site Visit Part One

As the nippy winter melts, it ceremoniously delivers yet another spring–a season of burnished hopes, aspiration and love. Spring welcomes yet another year, unfurling a new set of dreams and hopes in every soul.  It became the perfect hour, as I drove through the heart of the peaceful dragon country in the Himalayas, gazing upon the mesmerizing landscapes as I went.  

It was my first trip to Ura, Bumthang.  It rained the night before my trip and I was apprehensive about the snowfall on the high snowcapped triplet peaks of Dochula, Pelala and Yotongla en route to Bumthang. It was a beautiful drive all through to Bumthang amidst magnificent mountains that captivated onlookers with their awe inspiring beauty, snowcapped peaks that glistened in the sun, and meandering crystal rivers that quietly whispered secrets of a hidden land. There were smoking chimneys from an old house on a distant hill, and an old man holding on for dear life to the crisscrossed ropes at the back of an overloaded truck that was transporting goods. These were just a few of the extraordinary scenes that held my breath that day. They were so simple, yet so beautiful.

I could not drive very fast, due to the ice clad road. Just as well, because I wanted to savor the feast—the feast that my soul was so happily indulging in.  I felt the cold biting breeze on my face, as I sat humming the tune to ‘Island in the stream’ by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton while I tapping my fingers on the wheel…


~ by readglobal on March 3, 2010.

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