In The Land of The Peaceful Dragon: Part II

Some interesting facts about Ura are that it is located at 2800-5000 meters above sea level and is in the south-eastern part of the country. Its total area coverage is approximately 267 square kilometers and it has a total population of only195 people. Having done further research I have also found that there are 10 villages with 10 Committees, about 229 households, 4 schools. The main livelihood of the people living in Ura is agriculture. Potatoes and mushrooms are the cash crops available in Ura, and the food crops produced are wheat, barley and sweet buckwheat. At this time the proposed sustainability project that will help keep the Ura resource center up and running, is the retailing and packaging of buckwheat.

The local community donated an age old two storied building to be refurbished as the new READ resource center. When I first saw the structure it resembled something that could have been used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. However after some READ Bhutan renovated and revamped the building, it now tells quite a different story.

The new Resource Center is located approximately 100-200 meters below the east-west national highway and links the western part of Bhutan with its Eastern Districts that pass through the Ura Gewog. It is a two storied building designed in the typical Bhutanese fashion, with bamboo mat fences amply surrounding the perimeter of the building. Currently, the ground floor is being used as a day care center.  When I met with Ms. Pema Lhaden who takes care of the day care center free of cost for local children; she flawlessly fit the image of a beautiful Bhutanese highlander with rosy red cheeks. She timidly answered a few questions, as she hid behind her friends.  She told me that there were 19 students last year—most of them fell within the age group of 3 to 6 years old. After thoroughly inspecting and cross checking the report of the groundwork I continued towards the local Ura school for a meeting with the librarian and some of the faculty.


~ by readglobal on March 16, 2010.

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