READ Global is a pioneering international development organization dedicated to combining education and enterprise to inspire and empower rural communities to learn, build and prosper.

A 2006 recipient of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s prestigious Access to Learning Award, the organization has helped establish 49 community library resource centers paired with for-profit enterprises throughout Nepal and India. Building on its proven record of sustainable success, READ Global expanded its work to Bhutan in late 2008, and will expand to additional countries in the future.

Read Global’s three step method including targeting education, enterprise, and prosperity.

READ Global Community Library & Resource Centers give villagers access to books, computers, educational materials, job training, health services, and workshops on leadership and conflict resolution. With these resources at their fingertips, individuals and families can reach their full potential. Most Centers have over 3,500 books shelved, along with a children’s section, a reading room for adults, a computer and audiovisual room, a Women’s section, a cultural section, and space for community meetings and healthcare events.

Community members work with READ Global as a trusted partner to develop for-profit enterprises that meet their villages’ needs, provide job opportunities and generate revenues for the Village Resource & Education Center. These centers house literacy classes, health clinics, training sessions for jobs, and meetings.

With a strong emphasis on both enterprise and education, the READ Global solution brings communities together to share ideas and make social connections that ensure the ongoing success of local families and children. It allows villagers to stay and thrive in their own communities. Also, as a part of the larger global community, the success in these rural areas affects life around the world. The world is connected like never before. And what happens in rural villages matters everywhere. As a global community, we believe we owe it to each other and the earth to address global challenges and share prosperity as one.


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